A DC is generally 2-4 days long, depending on the number of exercises, candidates and observers. Additional preparation and follow-up time investment can have a direct impact on overall programme quality.


  1. Internal DC delivery & implementation capability
    • This can range from a full DC implementation, to the sourcing of facilitators, observers and role-players.

  3. Train the Trainer for Development Centers (LDC 3T)
    • Our train the trainer programme is designed to send the participant away with everything they need to set up and run their own DCs in their organisation.
      • We currently have 1 open LDC 3T planned.
      • We are also happy to set up In-House DC 3Ts – tailored to industry and organisation

  5. Observer training
    • The observers are arguably the most important piece of the DC. Good observers mean good feedback, which means a successful DC for all. Observer training puts the observers onto the level of knowing how to get the relevant information from each exercise, and then build it into feedback.