What are the needs?

  • Top Managers have the need to practice their skills of giving feedback and coaching
  • Middle managers have the need to have a clear development path so that they know where they need to improve
  • HR has the need to add keep its best people
  • The organisation has the duty to know who its future leaders are

Key benefits of a development center


  • Gives hands on experience to top managers of giving feedback, and receive  feedback in turn from facilitators
  • Top managers create a “space in time” to discuss the future of their company, and who will run it
  • Participants leave with a clear view of their future, carreeer path and development needs
  • The organisation benefits from a living breathing succession planning process


Benefits for the candidates

Future development plan and recommendations from experienced managers regarding these questions:

  • Where do you think I can develop further (skills)
  • What is the next logical career step for me?
  • Is there a goal / aspired target within the organisation that I can work towards?
  • What about the topic of promotion / increased responsibility?

Benefits for the observers

  • Practice key leadership skills; Coaching, Giving and receiving feedback; making suggestions, Active listening.
  • Be active in deciding the future of the company, based on helping shape the people who will eventually (potentially) run it.
  • Be involved in creating the sense of organisational development, and take back learnings into other people management situations.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Use as a source of employee motivation
  • Ensure business continuity over time. Advancement planning, succession planning, or simply having the confidence that top positions can be filled easily.
  • Send a positive message to the employment market, and could certainly act as a retainer for some people in the organization.
  • Create a platform to address & discuss corporate change initiatives.
  • Live and breathe the competency set – use as a foundation for organisational development.